Monday, October 10, 2016

How I - DIY Moisturizing Lip Scrub

Raven Rose Retro - DIY lip exfoliator and moisturizer

Welcome to a new monthly series I've named "How I".  This will be the space where I share how I do things, DIY projects, and tutorials.  For my first tutorial I'd like to share how I keep my lips looking and feeling nice while still torturing my lips with incredibly drying matte and long-lasting lipsticks on a daily basis.

I have an absolute, all consuming love of red lipsticks, as I suspect most pinup, vintage, and retro ladies do.  Some of the best and my most favorite lipsticks can be extremely drying though.  Especially heading into fall with it's cooler, dryer air.  In order to keep my lips looking good and feeling great, I have found that exfoliating to get the dead dry skin off and moisturizing to keep lips healthy and smooth is essential in keeping my pinup pout on point.

In the past, I have just bought lip exfoliaters from the drugstore (ELF has a great $3 one), or I have used my toothbrush to get the job done.  Afterwards I would coat my lips in a good lip balm while I do my makeup, then wipe it off when it's lipstick time.  This process got the job done, but I just knew there had to be a better, more efficient way.  I looked online for exfoliaters/moisturizers and sure did find a bunch of them but the price tags attached were enough to make me forget the whole idea.  Instead of bagging the whole idea, I decided to take a look around my house and play with things I already had at my fingertips.  In my own kitchen, I realized I already had everything I needed, and I'd bet that you probably do to.   I've now made a few versions of this sugar scrub and balm and the last time I took pictures so I could share my process with you.

You will need any decent lip balm or chapstick.  The first time I made this I used a free lip balm I got at a health fair.  This time I am using a Chapstick I got for $1.  You'll also need 1/4 tsp coconut oil for that extra kick of moisture.  I don't recommend using more than 1/4 tsp or the consistency gets very runny and messy.  You'll also need 1tsp sugar and 1 tsp brown sugar.  You could use all white or all brown, I just like to use both for fun.  In addition, you'll need a little mixing bowl and something to use as a spatula.
Raven Rose Retro - DIY lip exfoliator and moisturizer

Gather your ingredients, you could just put it all in the mixing bowl as you measure it out, but I chose to do it this way for the sake of pictures and making this tutorial.
Raven Rose Retro - DIY lip exfoliator and moisturizer
First, I twisted up the entire tube of Chap Stick  and put it into the bowl.
Raven Rose Retro - DIY lip exfoliator and moisturizer
Next, I used the small spatula to dig out the rest of the product from the tube.

Raven Rose Retro - DIY lip exfoliator and moisturizer
Break up the Chap Stick (or balm) with a fork to make for easier mixing.

Raven Rose Retro - DIY lip exfoliator and moisturizer
Add Coconut oil and sugars and mix all together.  When researching this, I found that other people would warm the mixture in a microwave (at short intervals) to liquefy and make for easier pouring.  I tried that once and did not like how messy it all became.  I also found that the sugar would partially dissolve and therefore would not be the exfoliater we need.  It's just as easy to mix by hand, maybe easier actually.
Raven Rose Retro - DIY lip exfoliator and moisturizer
  Now for the messiest part, getting it back in the tube.  I admit his part was easier when I tried the microwave melt method but the end product wasn't as good.  Twist the inside mechanism up as far as it will go, the slowly put the mixture back in.  Twist the mechanism down a few turns and continue to fill, until you have the entire tube full again.  If this is too much work you could forgo putting it back in the tube and find a convenient container for it, like I have done with the excess product.  I really like the convenience of the tube though.

If you started with a full tube, you will have excess left over.  Even though this is cheap I don't like to waste so I found another container to put the excess in.  You really can use anything you have on hand that is small and can be sealed.  In this instance, I used a MAC eye shadow pot that I've been meaning to return to the store.
Raven Rose Retro - DIY lip exfoliator and moisturizer
When it's all packaged up, just pop the containers into the freezer or refrigerator to help it set up.  You can test it out before hand if you like though.  The rules of this DIY are extremely flexible.

How to use:
     I use this during my daily face routine, after I wash and moisturize my face. I put a decent layer on my lips and using my finger rub the sugar granules around my lips for about 15-30 seconds.  Then, while I'm priming my face, I rub my lips back and forth until the sugar granules dissolve and disappear.  Once the sugar granules are gone, you are left with the moisture rich balm.  I leave that alone to soak into my lips while I do my makeup and hair.  The very last thing I do is remove any excess balm, wipe lips dry then apply my favorite red lipstick.

This mixture can also be used to remove most long lasting lipsticks.  The coconut oil will break down most longwear lipsticks and the scrub kicks it up a notch.  It's a great way to remove your makeup and moisturize your lips all in one step.

A bit of caution:
     I do not recommend vigorously scrubbing the life out of your lips every morning and every night.  That can be over kill and you'll do more harm than good.  A gentle scrub regularly though will get rid of dry, flaky dead skin and leave your lips a smooth soft canvas.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial and find it helpful.  If you decide to try it out, please let me know how it worked for you.  Personally, it has changed my lipstick game tremendously.  I've never been one to complain about how drying most matte or long-wear lipsticks can be.  It just is what it is, and it's a price I'm willing to pay for not having to reapply my lipstick 10 times a day.  That doesn't mean though that I have to deal with dry, cracked and wrinkled lips.  What it does mean is that I have to go a little farther to take care of some of the most delicate skin on my face.  With this moisturizing lip scrub, it's easier than ever.